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Hi, I’m Tina

I moved from the coast to the Shuswap in 2006, settling in Chase until 2012 and then to White Lake with my husband, son and daughter. Real estate has been a passion for me since the first time I looked at the MLS listings. I loved the process of finding my houses over the years and making them our homes. I feel a rush of excitement whenever someone I know tells me they are looking for a house.

It seemed like such a natural progression for me to make this passion my  career once I had the time to dedicate to it. I have learned a lot, naturally along the way and so much of that will help me to help my clients.

To me, a house is so much more than just a house. It’s that peace and comfort that everyone should feel when they pull into their driveway. That place to open up to friends and family to make the memories that last a lifetime, and occasionally, when stars truly align, to pass down through generations.



"Working with Tina is very enjoyable. She's a dedicated member of our team who goes above and beyond with her clients. I look forward to continuing working with her in the future".

Grant and Brandi White

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