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Hi I'm Nick


I was born in Montreal, Quebec to a hard working dad and a loving stay-at-home mom who occasionally picked up work when times got tougher. A typical working middle class family doing the best they could for my younger sister and I. We’ve lived in a multitude of
different housing situations but I remember always enjoying the move to a new house and discussing decor and architecture with my mom.


Fast forward several years my sister decided to move to BC (with a short hiatus in Alberta before) until she settled in Oliver. I
followed shortly after looking for adventure and a new way of life. The scenery in BC immediately relit my passion for mountain biking and hiking. I originally continued my original career that I had started in Qc as a crane truck operator until I moved to Kamloops where I used some of my previous experience driving cement mixer trucks to get hired by a local ready-mix company.


Nothing happens for nothing in life was my motto when the company closed its doors in the winter and all the employees were left to find new jobs (or new careers in my case.) I studied hard and got my real-estate license in the spring of that same year under the guidance of my new mentor in the field. We have since started working as a team under the name Brenda Patterson Realty Group. I believe that with Brenda’s experience in the field and my knowledge of technology, we will make an unstoppable real-estate team that will be able to answer every client’s wishes and desires when it comes to selling or buying their home.

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